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2023 Challenge Coin

We are excited to release images of the 2023 Challenge Coin.

Each year, we design a coin that represents our theme for that particular year. For 2023, our official theme is: "Korean War | Korea Defense | ROK-US Alliance". During the Korean War from 1950-1953 and in the decades since, our two nations have worked together to ensure safety on the Korean Peninsula and provided a security presence in the region. On 27 July 2023, our nations will celebrate the 70th Anniversary of the Armistice to end the Korean War. This cease-fire still exists today and no formal peace agreement has been signed.

The front of the coin features an image of the Korean Peninsula with an Asian tiger emerging from behind. North Korea is featured in red with "Korean War" written within its border in remembrance to the tragic war that they started on 25 June 1950. South Korea is featured in blue with "Korea Defense" proudly displayed in recognition of the combined resolve of the Republic of Korea and the United States to preserve the peace. The medallion at the bottom recognizes the 70th Anniversary of the ROK-US Alliance.

The back of the coin features reverse images of the peninsula and the asian tiger. The phrase "Katchi Kapshida" which means "We Go Together" is prominently displayed in English and Hangul. Our two flags are joined in recognition of our two military forces serving shoulder to shoulder since 1950. The GVDA logo is proudly included in the bottom of the coin to reinforce our support for our 2023 Official Theme.

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