The GVDA Team

Each member of the Georgia Veterans Day Association is a 100% volunteer.

Our dedicated group works tirelessly to present the best Veterans Day events in the Nation. To  learn more about our members and what their roles are within the GVDA, please click on the link below.

Veterans Day Events

Each year, the Georgia Veterans Day Association presents annual events including the Georgia Veterans Day Parade in Downtown Atlanta, the Veterans Festival at Pemberton Place, and the Freedom Ball in the Oceans Ballroom of the Georgia Aquarium.

To find out more about these great events, click on the link below.

Support Our Mission

We would not be able to complete our mission without support of our citizens and supporters.

Our sponsors are true partners in our mission and we need their support. Volunteers enable us to execute our mission and present our events.

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Freedom Through Service

A message from the GVDA President -

Dear Fellow Veterans and our Supporters,


As President of this wonderful group of volunteers, I am proud to lead us in our mission of honoring Georgia’s Veterans and educating the public on the sacrifices of our military members.  I also reflect upon the incredible amount of work and dedication that it takes to make these events possible.   


For the last 39 years, our goal has been to honor all of Georgia’s Veterans during our events.  In addition to this, each year the Georgia Veterans Day Association selects a particular theme or service to pay special honors to and to educate the public on a specific group of Veterans.  

As a former Airborne Infantryman, it gives me great pride to announce that our 2020 theme will be "I AM THE INFANTRY" and will honor the United States Army Infantry.  Georgia is the home of Fort Benning where all members of the Infantry receive their training.

We could not accomplish our mission without the support of our community and our sponsors.  Their partnership allows us to honor our Veterans and educate the general public on military service. They are truly partners in all we do for Veterans.


If I may ever be of service to you or if you need additional information on our association, please contact me direct at any time at




Kevin L Miller


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